In my previous life, I was an elf aged 314, working as a bard and painter. After unexpectedly hit by a truck, I was reincarnated into this world, with faint memories of I once knew.

In this new world, I’m trying to discover the source of mana. I continue my journey as a wandering, never abandoning my quest to return to my original world. I often delve into various ACGN realms, seeking any hint that could lead me back. To equip myself for this journey, I’ve accumulated vast across numerous domains.

In a world where swords and sorcery reign supreme, magick is not only the essential of the world but also driving unlimited possibilities. “Mages” must first understand fundamental spells before they can delve into more advanced realms of magick.
The concept of progression and hierarchy is akin to the mathematical theory of Poset(partially ordered set). This concept provides a systematic to approach the secrets of magick. Who learn this system are known as “PosetMage.”

However, to unleash the true potential power of magick, a deeper exploration of the “Lattice” theory is necessary. Lattice is a specialized poset, encapsulating the possibilities of hybrid magick, much like an interlaced grid where each node represents a unique combination to enchant. A mage capable of casting multiple magicks simultaneously is called a “LatticeMage.”